Thursday, July 24, 2008

Using PPC to make Adsense Income - The Right Way

Adsense is a great way of monetizing a website or a blog that mainly depend on content as a product , However the main problem is how to get the traffic i.e. the targeted traffic for it, because if you use junk traffic you will get no adsense clicks at all.

I have recently discovered a technique to use that will bring me lots of visitors (targeted) and without, and I made money with it. My technique is base on Pay Per Click traffic, I used a cheap PPC service that allows me to bid on a specific keyword with as little as 1 cent and I get in average 1 adsense click for each 10 clicks, i.e. I get one click for each 10 cents I spend on PPC, and Its great because the reward is about 4x the adsense clicks are giving me 30 - $1.6 and some times even better I get one click for every 6 clicks from my PPC engine. however there are some rules I have followed that led me to such profit:

  • Good Adsense Placement: you have to put it in a good attractive position of your page
  • Tuning and Keyword choosing: you have to test first till you have a steady result
  • Filter visitors to be USA, Canada and UK only: English speaking world will decrease click fraud cases
  • you have to start on monday and stop on Saturday and Sunday: as in these days your money will be spent but the traffic is not targeted
Find Cheap PPC Search Engines like Search Feed which I used in this case other options may include GoClick, Miva

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You've got to Start Blogging Now!

Blogging is one of the fastest ways to start making money online because the the traffic getting part is already automated for you. So I thought of writing this blog post to clarify how.

What is a blog?
A blog is an online journal and is organized of small units called posts, which are equal to web pages in other types of websites. These blog posts are easy and likely to be crawled and indexed fast by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Also blogs are totally automated and you don't have to know about HTML to start one.

Thats why blogging are more popular than starting a regular website, best blogging sites are blogger, wordpress and typepad .

Blog Income

Blogs are easy to attract visitors thanks to the RSS technology which will syndicate the posts to all communities and sites that concern specific niches and display feed for them. You can easily convert traffic at your blog to make money from adsense and affiliate links. I expect that withen a couple of days if every thing is done right you will start seeing free visitors flowing to your blog.

Blog Posts

When you start your blog you will not need to host a website and spend money, the only raw material for this business is your copy in the blog posts. You can write about specific niche topics, tips, product reviews and stories. The most important part of each post is the title of the post and the Keywords, or Labels , because the title is what people will see on the feeds and the more attractive and informative your title tag is the more visitors you will see. The keywords are good to make your feed visible in as many groups and for many searches as possible.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Links for Free to improve your search engine ranking

Getting links is like making your election campaign the more and stronger votes you get the better for your campaign. In the internet marketing industry getting links from good high PR sites can cost you a lot of money you might not afford to pay, especially if your site is in its beginnings and is hardly generating any income for you.

So what to do in this case? the answer will be to get free links and this is done in two ways:

1- Free directory listing:
This is done by submitting your site to directories like DMOZ and the many other free directories on the internet. to find directories use the "Add Url" in google search to return all the pages that accept site URL's or has a links directory.

2- Reciprocal Link exchange:
Several good websites provide this service some for free and other for small fee yearly or every six months, best to be mentioned are, and whic is very automated.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why all this buzz about HubPages

HubPages a leading website for content sharing and adsense profits, has really changed the way many webmasters think and do, by using Hubpages you can create Hubs, which is a page in hubpages and make money using several of different ways, and also using Hubpages webmasters and SEO specialist can get high quality backward links, if their hub score which is a scoring system for each author in hubpages is above 78.

Hubpages money making techniques:

1- Adsense: using your 60% percent of adsense impressions you can make money from the times that your adsense are shown to the page visitors. also if you use affiliate tracker to make people sign up for hubpages, you will also get extra 10% impressions.

2- Amazon & ebay: Widgets that lead to or can help you make money just like adsense do. for me they made me more money than adsense did.

3- Affiliate marketing: you can put your own affiliate urls in your hubpage.

Hubpage is really great in terms of gaining the trust and the giving motivation for its users. and the back links one can get from a hubpage, can easily be a PR1, PR2 or PR3 page link, which will make your back linking process a lot easier.