Sunday, September 21, 2008

SEO Software for your blog: SEO Elite

Bloggers rarely do SEO for their blog especially after having a constant amount of traffic based on blog search engines and social bookmarking sites, etc though these techniques themselves provide good SEO, but there is no thing that can replace the traditional SEO Planning and studied work,

To help in this process I always use a software called SEO Elite, this software generates the reports that will tell you exactly how your competitor on a given keyword is ranking well, and from where does he get his back links to get that high in the search engine.

SEO Elite is a must for SEO and till today there is no other software in the market that can replace it, or provide better service and reports.

Why use SEO Elite and traditional SEO:

1- To rank well in Search Engine for your targeted Keywords
2- The SE traffic is the upmost targeted traffic and is the best source ever, ( because the people searching the keyword in google, are the people really looking for that stuff and not just got temporary interest in your post's title)
3- Get more PR

for me if I have the time I would optimize every blog post individually ;)

Monday, September 1, 2008

I have started a new blog

Hi again

A couple of days ago I started another blog about how to use blogging for online business and its called How Do I Start Blogging. So far it only contains two posts but I am planning to put more work in it in the next couple of days.