Sunday, November 16, 2008

Enhance Your Web Marketing Business With RSS Feeds

Some people may tend to ignore the RSS button that appears on most websites nowadays, perhaps since they may have little idea of its use. However, there are those Internet savvy people who know how helpful it is in simplifying their searches. RSS feeds are updates of a particular site or even several sites. The feeds are similar to newsletters.

Most websites have an RSS option which one can subscribe to voluntarily. Once subscribed, he will be receiving a list of headline updates from the sites he subscribed to. RSS, otherwise known as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is an XML file containing summaries of a page content that it is linked to.

This web feature benefits both the web owner and the subscriber. Web users who visit several sites regularly can greatly benefit from RSS feeds. By subscribing to the RSS of their favourite sites, they no longer have to navigate away from their website and jump from one website to another to check for updates. This web feature will automatically bring the updates to their website or to their desktop, which makes browsing easier.

Moreover, since RSS feeds may contain teasers or summaries of the content pages, then, web users can easily pick out the articles they are interested in. Also, when a web user decides that he no longer wants to receive updates of a particular site, he can simply unsubscribe as easily as he subscribed.

On the other hand, RSS enhances the visibility of websites. Since RSS automatically sends updates to subscribers, then, a website would likely have a steady stream of visitors on a regular basis. Moreover, some web users display the feeds on their web pages as well, thus, your updates are also visible to the visitors of their websites. Therefore, the website is bound to generate more traffic.

These facts make RSS feeds an essential tool in web marketing. It is an efficient way of retaining clients by providing them with regular updates. It is a great way of reminding their of your website's existence and encourage them to visit your website regularly. Moreover, by using this web feature, the published contents are likely to attract more visitors.

However, once a website actually has gained tremendous subscribers, the result could be a slow connectivity on the web owner's side. Thus, most web masters use FeedBurner, or a similar service to be able to provide feeds to as many subscribers without affecting his server connection.

Also, Google has a particular program that allows web owners to earn money through visitor clicks. The program is called AdSense for feed. Typically, the advertisements displayed will be very similar to the content of the feed, thus, visitors are likely to click on the ad, in turn, the web owner gets to earn extra income from that ad in the content page of the RSS feed.

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